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Zoo Keeper for a Day

Zoo Keeper for a Day

School’s out and the real fun is just beginning at Australia Zoo!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a zoo keeper? If you’d like to know how we prepare the delicious diets for our amazing animals or what types of enrichment we make for them to enjoy and interact with – the Zoo Keeper for a Day program may be one for you!

Meet some of our beautiful animals and experience the real world of zoo keeping.

Every season is different and so are our Zoo Keeper for a Day programs, so animals and activities may vary during the year! You could be lucky enough to help out with the rhino or giraffe – or meet some Zoo Keeper for a Day favourites like the friendly Aldabra land tortoises!

After a busy morning, budding zoo keepers can enjoy a specially provided lunch to refuel their energy.

Follow the links below for more information about our range of programs. You can even check out some of the past activities for an idea of what to expect.

Khaki Explorer Program (Age 4 – 6)

$99 per person

The Khaki Explorer program is a fun-filled opportunity for our youngest zoo-keepers (aged 4-6 years old). Join us during the school holidays and start learning about what it takes to care for our amazing animals.

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Khaki Discovery Program (Age 7 – 11)

$119 per person

Join us these school holidays for a great day getting hands-on and experiencing what it’s like to be a zoo keeper.

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Khaki Extreme Program (Age 12 – 16)

$129 per person

Go wild with an extreme zoo keeping experience! The Khaki Extreme Zoo Keeper for a Day program gives kids the chance to see Australia Zoo from a whole different perspective!

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Khaki Sensory Program (Aged 7+)

$99 per person

Join us to learn about what it takes to care for our amazing animals, through fun and inclusive activities. The khaki sensory program gives budding zoo keepers the opportunity to get up close with amazing wildlife and experience Australia Zoo with all their senses

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