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Conservation Shows

Conservation Shows

Crikey! Get up close and personal to our amazing animals and experience all the wildlife action at our daily conservation shows

Grace's Bird Garden Feed Out

For all the bird lovers out there… be sure to stop by and say G’day to our incredible bird family during Grace’s Bird Garden Feed Out! Watch as our wonderful zoo keeper feeds some of our most beautiful (and shy) birds seen in our aviary. Learn more about our conservation efforts with the Rose-Crowned Fruit Dove or Bush Stone-Curlew here at Australia Zoo!

Tortoises LIVE!

Join one of our zoo keepers to kick off your day at Australia Zoo, by watching our special tortoise demonstration! Gather around Jarvis and Igloo’s lawn to watch these gentle giants get fed their favourite food – fruit and veggies. You’ll learn a lot from our presenting zoo keeper, including from where Aldabra tortoises originate, how much they eat and much more about the species.


After the conservation show, have your photo taken with our Aldabra tortoise! This includes a 6”x8” photo plus a digital download. Be sure to book with our friendly team at the Guest Services Desk on the day of your visit. Subject to availability.

Africa Keeper Talk


Come and join us daily at 11:30 am in Africa, where our expert zookeepers will share fascinating tales and insights about the incredible African wildlife, featuring giraffes, rhinos, meerkats, and zebras. This captivating Africa keeper talk is a must for all our guests, offering an immersive journey into Africa’s remarkable biodiversity and our dedicated conservation initiatives at Australia Zoo.

Reptiles LIVE


Join us for a captivating talk with our zoo keepers as they showcase a thrilling variety of Australia Zoo reptiles – from small snakes to giant pythons, native and exotic lizards, tortoises, turtles, and the occasional appearance of a venomous snake. Located across from the Elephantasia gift shop.


After the conservation show, have your photo taken with one of our reptiles! This includes a 6”x8” photo plus a digital download. Reptiles for photos vary daily (tortoise, lizard or snake). Be sure to book with our friendly team at the Guest Services Desk on the day of your visit. Subject to availability.

Elephants LIVE!

Our elephant keeper talks are back and we are more excited than ever! Join us at our world-class tropical oasis ‘Elephantasia’ where our zoo keepers introduce you to our wonderful Sumatran elephants. Watch and experience first-hand as these majestic mammals show off their impressive dexterous trunks and playful nature. Learn more about these critically endangered animals and all of our elephant conservation efforts at Australia Zoo.

Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warriors Show

Are you ready for some serious wildlife action? Our keepers and their amazing animals will take you on a slithering, swooping, jaw-snapping adventure of epic proportions! Come on a journey of discovery and see the incredible world of giant snakes, colourful, soaring birds and Steve Irwin’s favourite animal in the entire world – the impressive saltwater crocodile. Woo-hoo!

Koalas LIVE!

Do you know why koalas sleep up to 20 hours a day? Did you know that they’re actually not bears? Come and admire our best-known Aussie icon and learn all about the amazing habits of this unique and adorable species, including how you can help them in the wild!

Birds Of Prey LIVE!

Birds of prey are an impressive sight to see and at Australia Zoo you can marvel at a wedge-tailed eagle, powerful brahminy kite, barking owl or blue-winged kookaburra in all their glory. It’s a great opportunity to admire these beautiful birds up close, learn from our passionate keepers and appreciate how spectacular these animals really are. Australian birds of prey have amazing ways of finding, capturing and eating their prey – come and learn all about it!

Echidna Feed

Considered one of Australia’s most widespread native mammals, join us as our wonderful zoo keepers introduce you to our favourite spiky little friends during our echidna feeding time! Watch as these gorgeous mammals use their long sticky tongues to enjoy their delicious meal specially prepared by our Crikey Crew! Be sure to check it out!

Otters LIVE!


See the cheekiest otters at Australia Zoo come out and play! Our Asian small-clawed otters, Daisy & Percival, love their food and the keepers that bring it to them. Their aquatic home allows you to enjoy a clear view of these playful creatures enjoying an interactive session, while you learn about what makes them so unique.