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Back of House Tour

Embark on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey that takes wild to a whole new level! Join us for a thrilling adventure where you'll witness our incredible animals including giraffes, rhinos and cheetahs! This is more than just a tour - it's an immersive journey into the heart of wildlife conservation. Join us for a day of awe and discovery that you'll remember for a lifetime!

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Hire a Caddie Tour

Our passionate and knowledgeable tour guides will be your chauffer, taking you on a customised journey around our world-class 110-acre facility!

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Platinum Zoo Adventure

Enjoy a full day of VIP treatment on the action-packed Platinum Zoo Adventure! This tour is the perfect day out for a true wildlife enthusiast. Crikey!

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Sneak Peek at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Stop in and enjoy a self-guided tour at our amazing Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for a sneak peek! See some of our incredible vets and nurses at work from behind the glass at our dedicated viewing area.

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Wildlife Hospital Tour

Visit one of the busiest wildlife hospitals on the planet! Watch our world-class vet team work to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife.

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