Australia Zoo Flora

Zoo Flora: African

Zoo Flora: African

Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae

The bird of paradise is a gorgeous plant that produces large, thick, green leaves with orange and blue spiky flowers that resemble exotic birds. This South African native is a food source for many nectar-eating birds and insects!

Distribution: South Africa

Height: 6 metres

Width: up to 4 metres

Season: Spring and Summer

Location at Australia Zoo: Bindi’s Island

Dragon Tree

Dracaena draco

This stunning succulent is widespread throughout Australia, America, Asia and Africa. It thrives in a tropical climate and is extremely slow growing. A mature dragon tree will develop a large, umbrella-like appearance. This tree is often referred to as a ‘dragon blood tree’ due to the red, blood-like sap that is secreted when it’s cut!  The dragon tree is native to Canary Islands, where is it now considered endangered.

Distribution:  Australia, Asia, America and Africa

Height: Up to 10 metres

Width: Up to 9 metres

Season: All year round

Location at Australia Zoo: Bindi’s Island

Staghorn Fern


The stunning staghorn is native to the southern hemisphere. They typically grow on other trees and rocks in order to catch rain water, leaves and debris from above. These ferns are best suited to lightly-shaded environments and thrive all year round!

Distribution: Australia, Africa, South America and Southern Asia

Height: 1 metre

Width: up to 1 metre

Season: All year round

Location at Australia Zoo: Throughout Australia Zoo

Triangle Palm

Dypsis decaryi

This unique palm is native to Madagascar! It is identified by palm fronds that grow almost upright from the trunk and then arch outwards to form the shape of a triangle. This palm can thrive all year round in the Madagascan environment.

Distribution: Madagascar

Height: 8 metres

Width: 3 metres

Season: All year round

Location at Australia Zoo: Koala – Keeper Talk area

Zanzibar Gem

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The Zanzibar gem is a durable plant, preferring to inhabit the low-light, humid conditions of the east African environment. Although it rarely blooms, it is capable of producing a gorgeous, yellow flower. It is a low-set plant only reaching heights of approximately 60 centimetres!

Distribution: Eastern Africa

Height: Up to 60 centimetres

Width: Up to 45 centimetres

Season: Summer and Autumn

Location at Australia Zoo: Crikey Café