Wonga Pigeon standing in front of greenery with spotted underside showing.

Wonga Pigeon

Wonga Pigeon

Check out Australia Zoo’s Wonga Pigeon!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to a variety of spectacular bird species, including the wonga pigeon. Keep your camera handy as you might be lucky enough to spot one of these beautiful birds up close!


Wonga Pigeon laying on a dark surface.


The wonga pigeon is found from southeast Queensland all the way down to Gippsland in Victoria. They are a ground dwelling pigeon that frequents clearings such as picnic areas, walking tracks, carparks and roadsides, usually close to rainforests.


These gorgeous pigeons are often observed foraging on the ground for seeds, fallen fruits, plant matter and occasional insects. Wonga pigeons will develop life-long, monogamous relationships and will defend their nest sites with a series of threatening displays, including clicking, blowing and charging towards potential intruders!


Wonga Pigeon at night standing on the ground.


Unfortunately, the wonga pigeon is preyed upon by feral cats and foxes. Like many pigeon species, during the 1900s they were hunted for their meat and for sport. Today, they are a protected species and one of least concern. Woo-hoo!

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    36 - 38 centimetres

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    240 - 260 grams

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    18 days