Woma Python laying in the grass with their head up.

Woma Python

Woma Python

Check out Australia Zoo’s Woma Python!

Get up close and personal with our very own woma pythons, right here at Australia Zoo! These incredible reptiles can be spotted exploring their home in Robert’s Reptile House!


Found throughout regions of central Australia and the southwest of Western Australia, these arid snakes are true-blue Aussies! Identified by their unique orange head, brown body and creamy-yellow bands, these snakes are the heroes of the Australian bush.


Woma Python cropped in on the head to show the yellow and green scales on a rock.


Although not venomous themselves, they are capable of eating and being bitten by some of Australia’s most venomous snakes and surviving. Crikey!


Woma pythons are nocturnal hunters, moving under the cover of darkness to avoid the harsh arid temperatures. They will strike out and use their sharp teeth to hold their prey, before suffocating it with coils of their muscular body. They have also been known to squash their prey against burrow walls to subdue them.


Woma Python laying in a red rock crevice and camouflaging.


The woma python population found throughout the Brigalow Belt is heavily affected by habitat destruction. Sadly, the fragmented population that remains in that area is endangered. Australia Zoo’s conservation property at St George is dedicated to providing sanctuary for a number of endangered native species, including the gorgeous woma python. This species as a whole is of least concern.

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    Up to 2.8 metres

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    Up to 5 kilograms

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    60 - 90 days