White-headed Pigeon from chest up standing in front of greenery.

White-headed Pigeon

White-headed Pigeon

Check out Australia Zoo’s White-headed Pigeon!

Take a stroll through Grace’s Bird Garden and try spotting our gorgeous white-headed pigeons. Crikey, they’re cute!


Three White-headed Pigeons standing on a feeder.


White-headed pigeons are found throughout the coastal regions of eastern Australia. They prefer to inhabit dense tropical and sub-tropical rainforests, although they are also frequently spotted in suburban environments.


These gorgeous pigeons can be identified by their dark wings and back with prominent white head and breast! These pigeons are often observed in large groups foraging for seeds, rainforest fruits and plant matter including the camphor laurel tree which is readily planted on farms.


White-headed Pigeon from chest up in profile view showing lots of feather detail.


During the 1950s, the white-headed pigeon population sadly experienced a dramatic decline due to habitat destruction and hunting for meat and sport. Today, they are a protected species and their population is less fragmented and on the incline! They are currently a species of least concern. You little ripper!

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    38 - 42 centimetres

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    460 - 480 grams

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    20 days