Whistling Kite from chest up looking to the left.

Whistling Kite

Whistling Kite

Check out Australia Zoo’s Whistling Kite!

Introducing the pirate of the Australian skies – the whistling kite! Don’t miss Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors Show for your chance to see these impressive raptors take to the skies, in the world-famous Crocoseum. Woo-hoo!


Whistling Kite flying low over the water with wings all the way out.


Whistling kites are found throughout mainland Australia, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. They are a medium-sized kite with a very distinct call…you guessed it, they whistle!


Whistling Kite dipping to the right as they fly over the water.


These raptors are aerial masters and have the ability to snatch their food and consume it mid-flight, which is known as eating on the wing. Whistling kites are carnivorous. Using their keen vision and powerful talons they will take down prey such as reptiles, insects, fish and mammals sometimes as large as rabbits. They have been known to be an opportunistic hunter, often stealing meals from other birds of prey and dining on carrion wherever possible.


Whistling Kite prepared to land.


Whistling kites are a species of least concern, but, often fall victim to secondary poisoning and road trauma. Keep your eyes peeled and slow down on the roads to ensure the survival of these gorgeous raptors. 

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  • height of animal icon

    50 - 55 centimetres

  • weight of animal icon

    760 - 780 grams

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  • gestation of animal icon

    38 days