Torres Strait Island Pigeon standing on a branch high in a tree.

Torres Strait Island Pigeon

Torres Strait Island Pigeon

Check out Australia Zoo’s Torres Strait Island Pigeon!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to a variety of spectacular bird species, including the Torres Strait Island pigeon! Keep your camera handy as you might be lucky enough to spot one of these beautiful birds up close.


Two Torres Strait Island Pigeons from behind standing on a rock looking to their left.


The Torres Strait Island pigeon is also known as an Australian pied imperial pigeon. They are found throughout forests of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea, and can be identified by their striking white plumage and greyish-silver outer wings! These stunning birds are herbivores so they feed on forest fruits, seeds, berries and plant matter. Occasionally, they will also eat small insects.


During the breeding season, from August to January, the Torres Strait Island pigeon will migrate from Papua New Guinea to northern Australia, where they will incubate and raise their young.


Torres Strait Island Pigeon landing on a branch with their right wing extended.


During the 1900s, the Torres Strait Island pigeon population was abundant as far south as Cairns. Unfortunately, due to hunting for meat and sport they are now extinct from this area and confined to regions further north.  Their population is now on the incline as they are considered a protected species and one of least concern. Woo-hoo!

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    38 - 44 centimetres

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    540 - 560 grams

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    26 - 28 days