Tasmanian Devil staring at the camera.

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil

Check out Australia Zoo’s Tasmanian Devil!

Don’t miss the devilishly cute residents here at Australia Zoo! Our Tasmanian devils can be found basking in the sun and exploring their home, all day long. These adorable carnivores are one of the many pouched mammals that are true-blue, uniquely Australian.


Tasmanian Devil looking to the left and standing.


Tasmanian devils were once widespread over mainland Australia. Likely due to the introduction of the dingo, they are now confined only to the forests and woodlands of Tasmania. This solitary marsupial is nocturnal and usually spotted hunting at night. Although fierce and powerful, they prefer to be an opportunistic hunter, feeding mainly on carrion.


Tasmanian Devil turned to the left in greenery.


They can travel great distances every day; up to 16 kilometres (10 miles) in search of food.  Standing approximately 30 centimetres (1 foot) tall and weighing up to 14 kilograms (30 pounds), they have the most powerful bite of any Australian mammal! The Tassie devil can crush and digest hair, organs, muscles and even bones. Strewth!


Tasmanian Devil laying on the ground close up on the head.


The existence of the Tasmanian devil is threatened by car strikes and Devil Facial Tumour Disease. This disease causes contagious, cancerous tumours around their face, neck and mouth. The disease develops rapidly and is fatal. Tasmanian devils are currently listed as an endangered species and are the subject of various research projects – all in the hope of saving the species from certain extinction.


Tasmanian Devil laying in foliage on the ground.


Here at Australia Zoo, we are home to a small population of Tasmanian devils. They play an important role as ambassadors for their wild counterparts and potentially saving the species from certain extinction!

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    50 - 78 centimetres

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    6 - 12 kilograms

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    21 days

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