Coastal Taipan

Coastal Taipan

Coastal Taipan

Check out Australia Zoo’s Coastal Taipan!

Don’t miss our gorgeous coastal taipans that call Australia Zoo home! These venomous snakes are renowned for their highly toxic venom, being listed as one of the world’s most venomous.  Their nervous disposition and tendency to reside around human habitation gives them a bad reputation but, if given plenty of space, these beautiful reptiles will keep to themselves. Keep your camera handy because these impressive reptiles can be spotted in Robert’s Reptile House.


Robert Irwin looking at a Coastal Taipan Snake in their exhibit.


The coastal taipan is found along the coastal regions of Australia, including northern New South Wales to Queensland, Northern Territory and into the north of Western Australia! They frequent a variety of environments from tropical rainforests, grassy paddocks, cane fields and even sand dunes.


Coastal Taipan Snake popping their head up on a branch looking to the left.


These reptiles use their very effective venom to subdue warm blooded prey such as rodents, bandicoots and quolls.


These impressive snakes are often identified by their slender, light brown body and yellowish-cream belly! Their heads are often a lighter creamy colour and are often mistaken for the highly venomous eastern brown snake.


Coastal Taipan Snake slithering on the ground.


The coastal taipan is the king of the Australian coast! They are rarely predated upon and are thriving in their diverse environments. You-beauty!

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    2 - 3 metres

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    Up to 5 kilograms

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    60 - 90 days