Red-Necked Wallaby laying in the grass looking at the camera.

Red-necked Wallaby

Red-necked Wallaby

Check out Australia Zoo’s Red-necked Wallaby!

When you think of cute Australian mammals, these wonderful wallabies might come to mind. Some gorgeous red-necked wallabies call Australia Zoo’s Roo Heaven home. Don’t miss the opportunity to pat and feed these adorable Aussie macropods!


Red-Necked Wallaby coming out of their mom's pouch.


Frequenting dry open forests, grasslands and paddocks, these wallabies are found in east and southeast Australia and even Tasmania. They have distinct rusty-red shoulders and upper back but the rest of their body is silver, grey and white. They are small in stature, standing at approximately 1 metre (3 feet) in height.


Red-Necked Wallaby and a Joey standing in the grass looking at the camera.


The red-necked wallaby are herbivorous animals and primarily feed on grasses, herbs and roots, which provide them with water requirements during drought.  They are a marsupial, meaning they have a pouch and give birth to underdeveloped young. Their young are called joeys and are born weighing in at around 2 grams (0.07 ounces). Crikey, that’s tiny!


Red-Necked Wallaby lounging in the grass.


Red-necked wallabies are a protected species and they’re thriving in the wild. They are considered a species of least concern.

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    0.9 - 1.1 metres

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    13.8 - 18.6 kilograms

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    30 days