Red-Collared Lorikeet perched on a branch in a tree.

Red-collared Lorikeet

Red-collared Lorikeet

Check out Australia Zoo’s Red-collared Lorikeet!

Don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with our gorgeous red-collared lorikeets here at Australia Zoo. Take a walk through our Grace’s Bird Garden and keep your eyes to the sky in our world-famous Crocoseum, as these speed demons might fly right above your heads in our epic Wildlife Warriors Show. Crikey!


Red-Collared Lorikeet perched on a branch showing off bright blue, orange, and green colors.


Red-collared lorikeets are found throughout woodlands, swamps and suburban areas of northern Australia. They are distinguished from their relative, the rainbow lorikeet, by the distinct reddish-orange collar around their neck.


Red-Collared Lorikeet facing the camera while perched in a tree.


These parrots are omnivores so they feed on nectar, pollen, fruits and seeds, but, they can also eat small insects. Red-collared lorikeets have to be fast to stand a chance in the wild, as they are the favourite food item of the fastest animal on the planet, the peregrine falcon! Safety in numbers is a way of life for lorikeets so they are often spotted in large groups, feeding and seeking refuge in tree foliage during the hottest part of the day.


Two Red-Collared Lorikeets perched on a feeding bowl.


Red-collared lorikeets have adapted well to life in suburbia and are a species of least concern. Woo-hoo!

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    27 - 30 centimetres

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    130 - 134 grams

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    23 days