Rainbow Lorikeet looking to the left in profile view.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Check out Australia Zoo’s Rainbow Lorikeet!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to some of the most beautiful birds on the planet, including the gorgeous rainbow lorikeet! To see them up close and personal, take a walk through the Grace’s Bird Garden and keep your eyes to sky in our world-famous Crocoseum, where you might be lucky enough to have them fly right over your head. Woo-hoo!


Rainbow Lorikeet standing on a branch facing the camera.


Rainbow lorikeets are found throughout the coastal regions of eastern and northern Australia. They are unmistakably beautiful and have a distinct purple, green and orange plumage with a vibrant red beak!


Rainbow Lorikeet standing on a branch looking to the left.


Lorikeets live in a variety of environments, ranging from woodlands, rainforests and often suburban backyards. These colourful characters feed upon nectar, pollen, fruits, seeds and some insects.


Close up of Rainbow Lorikeet's neck to show blue, green, and orange feathers.


Rainbow lorikeets have to be fast to survive in the wild as they are preyed on by the fastest animal on the planet – the peregrine falcon. Due to their wide distribution and ability to thrive in an urban environment, they are a species of least concern. You-beauty!

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    28 - 32 centimetres

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    130 - 134 grams

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    23 days