Noisy Pitta standing on a log in profile view looking to the left.

Noisy Pitta

Noisy Pitta

Check out Australia Zoo’s Noisy Pitta!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to an amazing variety of bird life, including the noisy pitta. These gorgeous birds can be spotted foraging and exploring their home, so make sure you drop by and say g‘day!


Noisy Pitta standing on a leafy ground in profile view.


The noisy pitta is found throughout the east coast of Australia and southern Papua New Guinea in tropical and subtropical rainforests, as well as wet and dry forests and woodlands. The noisy pitta displays a mustard-yellow underside, making them easily distinguishable from other pittas! These colourful birds are omnivores, they will primarily feed on snails and insects, but will also forage for spiders, worms and some forest fruits.


Noisy Pitta standing on a tree branch showing off teal feather spot on their wing.


The populations of noisy pittas have declined due to the clearing of forests for agriculture and the planting of pine forests.  They are often preyed upon by feral cats and foxes, so certainly, they need us to keep watch over them. 

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    18 - 26 centimetres

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    90 - 100 grams

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    16 days