Green-winged Macaw

Green-winged Macaw

Green-winged Macaw

Check out Australia Zoo’s Green-winged Macaw!

Australia Zoo is home to some of the most amazing parrots on the planet, including our green-winged macaws. Direct your eyes and ears to the sky in our world-famous Crocoseum, as our gorgeous green-wings fly right above your head! You little ripper!


Green-winged Macaw flying at a show with many spectators in the background.


Green-winged macaws are one of 17 macaw species that are endemic to Central and South America! This species only inhabits South America’s humid rainforests, woodlands and mangroves and are often spotted in large groups, amongst the canopy of trees.


Green-winged Macaw standing on a branch with wings fully extended.


Green-winged macaws are herbivorous and will spend early mornings and late afternoons foraging for fruits, berries, leaves, seeds, clay and nuts! Unbelievably, these amazing parrots can live for up to 100 years and will form a life-long, monogamous relationship. Crikey!


Green-winged macaw from neck up in profile view.


Unfortunately, due their high demand in the pet trade, green-winged macaws are often victims of illegal poaching and habitat destruction! 

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    90 - 95 centimetres

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    1.1 - 1.6 kilograms

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    24 - 26 days