Giraffe from neck up facing camera with second giraffe walking away in background.



Check out Australia Zoo’s Giraffes!

Keep your eyes peeled for our ginormous giraffes right here at Australia Zoo. These tall mammals can be spotted while they forage and roam amongst the zebras and rhinos on our very own African savanna!


Giraffe standing with front legs spread out wide facing the camera.


There is one species and nine subspecies of giraffe, all of which are found throughout 15 African countries, roaming the open, grassy plains. They are very social creatures and are often spotted in groups – called towers. Known as the skyscrapers of the African savanna, a fully grown male could grow to be almost six metres tall! Strewth that’s high!


Adult giraffe standing over and licking the head of a young giraffe from neck up.


Giraffe are herbivores and can eat up to 45 kilograms (100 pounds) of leaves every day! Utilising their long, blue tongue (up to 53 centimetres/20 inches long!) and even longer neck, they are able to eat foliage (including twigs of acacia, mimosa and wild apricot) from the tallest of trees. These adaptations are perfect for eliminating competition for food. These gentle giants have a keen eye and are always on the lookout for any potential danger from predators, such as lions and hyenas.


Group of young and adult giraffes walking around a grass field.


Giraffe are considered to be vulnerable and are a species truly in need of our support. Unfortunately, humans are one of the greatest threats to the survival of giraffe. Habitat destruction, fragmentation and poaching are to blame.

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    4.3 - 5.5 metres

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    680 - 1,350 kilograms

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    14 - 16 months

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