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Inland Taipan / Fierce Snake

Inland Taipan / Fierce Snake

Check out Australia Zoo’s Inland Taipan / Fierce Snake!

Introducing the most venomous snake in the world and epic predator of the Australian outback! The inland taipan is otherwise known as the fierce snake or small scaled snake. They can be marvelled at in our Robert’s Reptile House, right here at Australia Zoo.


Inland Taipan (Fierce Snake) cropped on the body to show the scale pattern of golf to dark brown.


The fierce snake is found throughout a remote area in southwest Queensland and northwest South Australia. They thrive amongst the harsh conditions of their arid, outback environment! They can vary in colouration, however, are typically a light brown, dark brown or a straw-like colour.  They are well adapted to the ‘boom or bust’ lifecycle of the brown plains rat, which also lives in the area.  As the seasons change and food is abundant the rodents build to plague proportions, allowing the snakes to feast. As the harsh outback takes its toll and the food disappears, the rodents die off. Fierce snakes are well equipped for the long periods of little or no food.  Due to the limited vegetation and shelter in their arid environment, they utilise the deep clay cracks and crevasses as refuge from the midday heat.


Inland Taipan (Fierce Snake) wrapped in a long circle and their head propped on the tail.


Fierce snakes have, drop for drop, the most potent venom of any snake in the world. Crikey! A single bite from one of these impressive reptiles has enough venom to kill 100 full grown men.  This is far from their actual personality though. In reality they are shy and, because of their distribution, rarely come into contact with people.

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    Up to 2.5 metres

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    1 - 2 kilograms

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    Approx. 60 days