Emerald Dove standing on a branch looking to the right.

Emerald Dove

Emerald Dove

Check out Australia Zoo’s Emerald Dove!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to an amazing variety of bird life, including the emerald dove! These gorgeous birds can be spotted all day long, foraging and exploring their home. Make sure you drop by and say g‘day.


Emerald Dove sitting in their nest on a branch.


Emerald doves are widespread throughout southern Asia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and northern and eastern Australia. Due to their vast distribution, they inhabit a variety of environments, including tropical rainforests, mangroves, woodlands and suburban gardens.


Emerald Dove from neck up looking to the left.


Emerald doves are usually observed alone, in pairs or small groups. They are quite terrestrial, often foraging on the ground for fallen fruit, seeds and a wide variety of low-lying plants. They will spend little time in trees, except when roosting!

Emerald doves are often preyed upon by domestic cats and dogs, reptiles and foxes. They are currently considered a species of least concern.

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    23 - 27 centimetres

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    100 - 131 grams

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    17 days