Eclectus Parrot perched in a tree looking left.

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

Check out Australia Zoo’s Eclectus Parrot!

Grace’s Bird Garden is home to some of the most spectacular birds on the planet!  Keep your camera handy in Grace’s Bird Garden, as you might be lucky enough to spot our gorgeous eclectus parrots up close and personal.


Close up view of a Eclectus Parrot's head.


The eclectus parrot is found throughout the rainforests of eastern parts of far north Queensland, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Moluccas.  They are a sexually dimorphic species, meaning males and females look different!  Males are a vibrant, emerald green with red and blue underwings and an orange beak.  The females are bright red with dark purple under their wings and a black beak.


Red and blue Eclectus Parrot perched in a tree looking left.


Eclectus parrots are highly social and will form life-long, monogamous relationships.  In the forests of far north Queensland, during the early morning and late afternoon, they can be observed foraging in pairs or large groups.  These adorable birds are herbivores and will primarily feed upon forest fruits, nuts, seeds and blossoms.


Green Eclectus Parrot perched in a tree leaning right.


Unfortunately, eclectus parrots are threatened by wild fires and habitat destruction.  Their population is also under threat from the illegal wildlife trade as people keep them as pets.  Help us stop the wildlife trade and never purchase any wildlife products.

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    40 - 48 centimetres

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    540 - 620 grams

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    26 days