Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

Check out Australia Zoo’s Eastern Brown Snake!

Let us introduce one of Australia’s most misunderstood reptiles – the gorgeous eastern brown snake! Don’t miss your chance to see these impressive reptiles up close in Australia Zoo’s Robert’s Reptile House.


Eastern Brown Snake looking at the camera with rest of their body blurred and tongue out.


The eastern brown snake inhabits a variety of environments throughout eastern Australia, including bushland, grassland, desert terrain and coastal dunes. Their colouration can vary but usually consists of a light brown or grey body with a creamy-yellow belly!


Eastern Brown Snake moving to the right with tail close to the head as it follows.


These venomous reptiles are often misunderstood and they have a reputation for being aggressive. They are rated one of the world’s most venomous snake list but they are actually quite shy, preferring to move away if given the opportunity. If the eastern brown snake is feeling threatened or cornered they will rise up and strike repeatedly.  Most snake bites are the result of humans trying to catch or kill the snake, so always remember if you see a snake give it plenty of space.


Eastern Brown Snake slithering on the ground toward a branch.


These impressive reptiles are carnivores, preying upon small mammals including introduced pest species of rodents. You-beauty!

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    Up to 2.3 metres

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    2 - 3 kilograms

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    60 - 90 days