Death Adder Snake camouflaged on the ground close to their face.

Death Adder

Death Adder

Check out Australia Zoo’s Death Adder!

Here at Australia Zoo we are home to some you-beaut reptiles! Visit Robert’s Reptile House and find our impressive death adders for yourself.  You might need a keen eye because they are the masters of camouflage.


Death Adder Snake camouflaged on the ground close to their face looking to the right.


Found along the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia, these snakes are one of the coolest creatures to call Australia home. They are small and stocky, in rare cases they can grow to be just 1 metre (3.2 feet) in length.


Death Adder Snake staring at the camera with their tongue out.


Utilising their outstanding camouflage abilities, death adders will lie in wait for any unsuspecting prey that passes by, such as mammals, birds and reptiles. By wiggling the end of their tail, they entice prey in close enough for their rapid strike, the fastest of any Australian snake! Crikey! Their potent venom immobilises their prey at which point they consume it whole!


Death adders are viviparous, meaning they produce live young. Up to 20 babies are born in each litter!


Death Adder Snake wrapped around itself on the ground.


Due to their successful camouflage techniques and tendency to to stay still, bush walkers should always keep their eyes peeled so as to not accidentally tread on one.

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    Up to 1 metre

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    Up to 1 kilogram

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    90 - 120 days