Cassowary from neck up looking at the camera.



Check out Australia Zoo’s Cassowary!

Introducing the dinosaur of the bird world – the cassowary! These gorgeous birds can be spotted foraging for forest fruits in their homes right here at Australia Zoo. These epic, prehistoric birds are a must see when visiting the Zoo.


Cassowary walking through the water.


Cassowaries were once roaming throughout much of northern Queensland. Today, however, they are sadly only found in the wet tropics and Cape York. They inhabit rainforests, melaleuca swamps, mangrove forests and even beaches.


Cassowaries are Australia’s heaviest birds! They are flightless and use their long powerful legs to navigate their way through vegetation in search of food. Their black plumage and vibrant purple and blue neck is perfectly designed to blend into their environment.


Cassowary stepping out from behind foliage.


These true blue Aussies are a force to be reckoned with! If an intruder threatens their territory, they can deliver a lethal kick. On the front of their powerful legs is three long toes, with the inside toe nail reaching lengths of up to 12 centimetres (4.7 inches). Crikey!


Cassowaries are a key-stone species. They play a vital role in maintaining the environment in northern Australia, spreading fruit seeds far and wide.


Cassowary up close to camera with face detail.


Cassowaries are threatened by habitat destruction! The fragmented populations that remain in northern Australia are sadly endangered. These incredible birds are truly in need of our support.

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    Up to 1.8 metres

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    Up to 76 kilograms

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    60 days

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