Bush Stone Curlew from neck up looking to the left, greenery in background.

Bush Stone-curlew

Bush Stone-curlew

Check out Australia Zoo’s Bush Stone-curlew!

Our long-legged bush stone-curlews can be seen exploring their home in Grace’s Bird Garden. The bush stone-curlew is found throughout most of mainland Australia. They live in a variety of environments including open forests and woodlands.


Bush Stone Curlew sitting on the ground with greenery around.


Curlews are predominantly nocturnal, using the cover of darkness to forage for their prey. They are carnivores and will consume ground dwelling insects, small reptiles and small rodents.


Bush Stone Curlew from neck up in great detail.


Curlews have a very distinct, wailing vocalisation that is often described as eerie and spooky! It can travel long distances and is used to establish their territory.


Bush Stone Curlew standing tall and leaning forward.


Bush stone-curlews will nest on the ground, amongst leaf litter to camouflage and draw minimal attention to their nesting site. Unfortunately, this makes curlews and their eggs vulnerable to feral cats and foxes. They are currently a species of least concern. 

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    52 - 58 centimetres

  • weight of animal icon

    530 - 1,200 grams

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    30 days