Burdekin Duck looking to the left in greenery.

Burdekin Duck

Burdekin Duck

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The beautiful Burdekin duck is just one of the many bird species that call Grace’s Bird Garden home. Take a stroll through our Grace’s Bird Garden and see them for yourself, up close and personal. Woo-hoo!


Burdekin Duck standing on branch with neck tucked in.


The Burdekin duck is widespread throughout Australia, from central Queensland to the Kimberley in Western Australia. They are particularly common around mangrove flats and paperbark swamps.


These aquatic birds prefer to live and feed in shallow, brackish waters. They will swing their beak from side to side and sieve their food through their beaks. Burdekin ducks are omnivores, they primarily feed on aquatic plants, insects, molluscs, snails and even algae!


Burdekin Duck standing on rock showing full body looking left.


Burdekin ducks will form long-term relationships and raise their young as a team. They will create a nest using their down feathers and incubate up to 12 eggs for around 30 days!


Due to the Burdekin duck’s wide distribution and varied habitat, they are a thriving species! Currently, they are considered a species of least concern.

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    51 - 61 centimetres

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    Up to 1 kilogram

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    30 days