Brisbane River Turtle swimming in the water with their head out.

Brisbane River Turtle

Brisbane River Turtle

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Don’t miss our beautiful Brisbane River turtles, right here at Australia Zoo. These sun-loving reptiles can be spotted all day long, foraging and sunbaking in our Australian Turtle habitat.


Brisbane River Turtle at the edge of the water getting out.


As their name suggests, these turtles are found in the Brisbane River but are actually one of the most commonly observed freshwater turtles that inhabit any waterway of southeast Queensland! They are identifiable by their brownish-olive carapace and distinct yellow stripe on the side of their face. They are frequently spotted with algae growing on their backs; this is perfect for camouflaging into their environment. Brisbane River turtles are omnivores and have a varied diet consisting of whole fish, snails, insect larvae, worms, prawns, mussels and yabbies, as well as vegetation and algae. Did you know that they do not have any teeth? They will use their sharp, serrated beak to pull apart and consume their prey!


Brisbane River Turtle swimming in the water with their head out.


These fresh water turtles are well adapted to their environment! They appear to be doing well, however, their true status is unknown.  Many waterways throughout their distribution are majorly affected by damming and water pollution, so it’s important we look after them.


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    Up to 30 centimetres

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    3 - 4 kilograms

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    Approx. 45 - 80 days