Brahminy Kite looking to the right and showing off light brown chest.

Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite

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The beautiful brahminy kite can be found right here at Australia Zoo. Don’t miss our daily Birds of Prey Show LIVE!, as the brahminy kites take to the sky.


Brahminy Kite standing with wings out and looking to the left.


The brahminy kite is widespread across Australia, along the coastline from Western Australia right through to northern New South Wales.  They are also found throughout tropical Asia.  Brahminy kites can be identified by their beautiful chestnut wings and back, complimented by their white chest and head.


They are a carnivorous hunter, feeding upon insects, small reptiles, fish and even small mammals.  This kite has weak talons (or heels) in comparison to other raptors, however, they have the ability to snatch food off the surface of the water or mid-flight and consume while on the move.  This is called eating on the wing!  This helps them avoid being ambushed by other birds of prey and losing their meal.  Crikey!


Brahminy Kite looking to the right and showing off light brown chest with wings out.


Brahminy kites are a thriving species.  However, they are often victims of fishing line entanglement and hook ingestion, and are a reminder of the importance of disposing our fishing equipment correctly.

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    45 - 51 centimetres

  • weight of animal icon

    320 - 670 grams

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    28 days