Blue-and-gold Macaw taking off for flight.

Blue-and-gold Macaw

Blue-and-gold Macaw

Check out Australia Zoo’s Blue-and-gold Macaw!

Don’t miss our beautiful blue-and-gold macaws, right here at Australia Zoo.  For your chance to get up close and personal with these colourful characters, check out the action-packed Wildlife Warriors Show.  If you’re lucky, they might even fly right over your head.  You-beauty!


Blue-and-gold Macaw feathers very close up to show detail.


Blue-and-gold macaws are one of 17 macaw species native to the rainforests of Central and South America.  Their striking colours are said to help them blend into the rainforest canopy of colourful flowers and fruits, whilst their facial markings are actually unique to every individual; they can be used to tell them apart, just like our fingerprints!


These beautiful birds are often spotted in large groups foraging for plant matter, clay, seeds, fruits and nuts.  Believe it or not, blue-and-gold macaws are a monogamous parrot and can live for over 70 years.  Crikey!


Blue-and-gold Macaw flying to the right with wings halfway through motion.


Blue-and-gold macaws are often victims of the illegal wildlife trade.  Smuggled out of their South American forests to end up in the pet trade is one of the main reasons the wild population is rapidly decreasing.  Many die or are held in terrible conditions.  Macaws do not make good pets due to their loud vocalisations and very destructive nature.  They are extremely intelligent and live for a very long time.

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    81 - 91 centimetres

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    0.9 - 1.4 kilograms

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    25 - 29 days