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Black-necked Stork

Black-necked Stork

Check out Australia Zoo’s Black-necked Stork!

The spectacular black-necked stork is one of many gorgeous birds that call Australia Zoo home. Take a walk through our Wetlands to see these impressive water birds up close. Be sure to keep your camera handy during our Wildlife Warriors Show as Douglas, one of our resident black-necked storks, might just drop by to say g‘day!


Black Necked Stork standing next to a tree showing off white chest.


Black-necked storks are often referred to as a jabiru! They are the only stork species to be found here in Australia, inhabiting wetlands, shallow swamps and riverbanks of eastern and northern Australia. The black-necked stork will use their long legs to wade through the water in search of their prey. Using their long, sword-like beak, they spear and consume crustaceans, insects, fish, mammals and even eels.


Close up on the head of a Black Necked Stork with dark background.


Males and females are sexually dimorphic, meaning they look different. Males have a dark black eye whereas females have a bright, yellow-golden eye. These impressive hunters will form long-term, monogamous relationships and nest in large trees near water. The don’t actually have a voice box and, as such, communicate through beak clapping and wing flapping!


The eye of the Black Necked Stork with dark background.


Due to habitat destruction the southern populations of black-necked storks are fragmented and it emphasises the importance for us to keep our waterways clean and clear of rubbish.  Always be sure to dispose of your rubbish and old fishing equipment in the correct manner to ensure the survival of these beautiful birds. They are considered a near threatened species.

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  • Genus of animal icon


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    1.2 - 1.4 metres

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    3.9 - 4.1 kilograms

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    32 - 38 days

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    Near Threatened

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