Bar Shouldered Dove sitting on a branch in the tree looking right.

Bar-shouldered Dove

Bar-shouldered Dove

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Don’t miss Grace’s Bird Garden. We are home to a diverse range of bird life, including the beautiful bar-shouldered dove. Keep your eyes peeled for your chance to view them up close and personal.


Two Bar Shouldered Dove sitting on a branch one looking right, one looking left.


Bar-shouldered doves are found in regions of northern and eastern Australia, as well as in southern Papua New Guinea. They will often inhabit humid and well-wooded areas, as well as suburban and mangrove environments. These adorable doves are usually spotted on the ground foraging for grass, seeds and herbs!


Bar Shouldered Dove sitting on a branch close up showing detail of feathers.


The nest of the bar-shouldered dove is usually hidden in dense shrubs, trees or gardens. A thin nesting platform is made from twigs and roots, placed in a tree fork or branch. Bar-shouldered doves put the team in teamwork! Both parents incubate the eggs and feed the chicks. Bar-shouldered doves are a species of least concern.

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    27 - 30 centimetres

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    Up to 130 grams

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    14 days