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Grace’s Bird Garden

Grace’s Bird Garden

Home to many of Australia Zoo’s feathered animals, Grace’s Bird Garden provides a loving and lush haven to over 170 birds from more than 19 different species. Originally known as the Rainforest Aviary, Grace’s Bird Garden was refurbished and officially renamed to provide a brand-new home to these gorgeous animals.

This is a breathtaking walk-through area where guests are encouraged to participate in a sit-and-enjoy experience! With enhanced netting and landscaping, our birds have more sunlight peeking into the bird garden, with certain sections of the garden suited to every species’ unique habitat needs. As our birds belong to different regions within Australia, they possess diverse habitat requirements and we are so excited to see them joyfully adapt to their new home and settle in with their friends.

On your visit to Australia Zoo, don’t forget to spot the beautiful Burdekin ducks, Gouldian finches, Australasian figbirds, rainbow lorikeets, eclectus parrots, glossy ibises and more of our feathery friends in Grace’s Bird Garden. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of our newly introduced zebra finches!

Crikey! What are you waiting for? Make sure to stop by and say G’day to our incredible bird family at Grace’s Bird Garden. We’ll see you here!