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Cheetah Grasslands

Cheetah Grasslands

When visiting Africa at Australia Zoo, be sure to visit our beautiful habitat for cheetahs – Cheetah Grasslands. Marking a historic milestone in our over 50-year history, visitors will now have the opportunity to admire these majestic animals up close.

The Cheetah Grasslands is a state-of-the-art habitat with 2.5 acres of open grassland and natural waterways, providing a wide and spacious area for our cheetahs to roam.

Strategically placed under the shade of a large eucalypt, Cheetah Grasslands includes a brilliantly designed rocky outcrop and cave. From the top of the cave, our cheetahs will enjoy watching the giraffes, rhinos and zebras running across the African savanna.

Australia Zoo’s resident cheetahs, Josh and William, were born a day apart at Cheetah Outreach, a conservation centre in South Africa, and have formed a brotherly bond. William is adventurous and enjoys exploring his surroundings during walks, while Josh lovingly looks up to William for comfort and support.

Guests to the Cheetah Grasslands will also enjoy an interactive guest viewing area including a flashing light game where kids can race a cheetah at full speed! Our guests can also learn more about our three cheetah conservation projects in Africa, supported by Wildlife Warriors, and discover how they can help us keep these beautiful animals in their natural environment.