Meerkat standing on a broken branch.

Africa at Australia Zoo

Africa at Australia Zoo

Crikey! It’s as WILD AS LIFE GETS at Australia Zoo’s open-range exhibit – Africa, where you can see the only multi-species exhibit in Queensland, home to our giraffes, rhinos and zebras!

Step on board the FREE Africa Safari Shuttle to experience the only giraffe and zebra in Queensland and keep your eyes peeled for our growing rhino herd!

Steve dream was to build an African Safari Park, where animals roam free on open plains. Our walk-through exhibit allows our guests to watch these amazing African animals interact as they would in the wild, and provide opportunities for visitors to have their own unique experiences with them.

Our vast African savanna is home to zebra, giraffe, meerkats, cheetah and rhino.  We have the only active breeding group of rhinos in Queensland, with our first calf born here in April 2012.

Africa is closer than you think! So come on – go WILD with us!