• Sex: Male
  • Size: 3.37 metres (11' 1")
  • Tagged & Released: 06/09/2014
  • Times Recaptured & Released: 3 times
  • Last Captured: 23/08/2021

In 2019, Noah was caught for his second time. He was large enough for a satellite tracker to be installed. When we caught him again recently, this satellite tracker was still intact! Researchers are now anxious to download all of the vital data that this unit contains. Noah’s new satellite tracking device will provide an extra two years of tracking data, helping increase our knowledge of males not yet large enough to hold a territory.

This research is made possible each year with the help of Wildlife Warriors, The University of Queensland and our generous sponsors. This vital program is the longest continuous study of crocodiles in the world and helps us to live alongside them and help them, as a vulnerable Australian species.

We invite you to be part of our annual crocodile research trip by donating or sponsoring your very own gorgeous crocodile!

Interactive Map

Crocodile tracking program conducted by the Franklin Eco-laboratory at The University of Queensland.