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Irwins, buried treasure, and the Easter Binturong at Australia Zoo these holidays!

Well you’ve heard of the Easter Bunny, and likely the Easter Bilby, but have you heard of the Easter Binturong? Also known as a “bearcat”, the binturong is a beautiful animal native to South-East Asia. With his long white whiskers, ability to disguise himself into the ro...

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Animal Facts - Fact 32 Boas and Pythons

The female Burmese Python will coil her body around the eggs to protect and incubate them using muscular contractions (shivering) to keep them warm.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Galaxy the Koala Joey

Age: 10 months Sex: Weight: 1.2kg Found: In a shed in Clontarf, QLD seeking shelter. Galaxy was orphaned after her mother was hit by a car. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hosp...

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Scrapbooking Ribbon Pack

Pack of five assorted ribbons. Each are approximately 90cm long. Designed to co-ordinate with the Australia Zoo Scrapbooking Pack....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Bubbles the Blue-and-gold Macaw

Bubbles joined the Wandering Wildlife crew in January 2009. He was donated to the Zoo at 12 years old, along with his friend Cuddles, a Scarlet Macaw. As his name suggests, Bubbles is a very friendly and bubbly bird who loves to say hello to everyone he meets. Bubbles is very popular amongst all ...

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Our awesome #macaws on #BindisIsland will soon have new features in their home - including a shipwreck island entry!

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Australia Zoo is proud to work with Griffith University's Eskitis Institute on their Nature Bank, as they collect samples from the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve that could hold the treatment for one of many diseases!

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