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Join us on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve!

Check this out! Australia Zoo's expeditions to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve are back! Canon's Colin Baker will be leading a photography trip to the reserve, in search for the perfect shots of the beautiful wildlife and rare plants that can be found on the property. You could also join...

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Animal Facts - Fact 200 Giraffe

Giraffes have a prehensile tongue which they use like fingers by curling it around the leaves to pluck them easily from the branch. Their tongue is very long– growing up to 40cm in length!

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Troy the Echidna

Age: Juvenile Sex: Weight: 780gms Found: Young Troy was found on the side of the road after he was hit by a car in Palmwoods, Queensland. Transported to: Troy was rescued by Wildlife Res...

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Plastic Novelty Roadsign Croc - Small

Measuring 12cm x 12cm this hard yellow plastic roadsign features a crocodile with the words Crocs No Swimming in black. Has two holes at the top with a bonus plastic suction cup which will stick to any hard surface....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Oasis the Koala

Beautiful little Oasis. Very budding young koala that is always eager to stroll around and enjoy the simple things in life! She loves her leaf, especially the juicy tip which is a lot sweeter and yummier and normally gets gobbled up as soon as it arrives! Oasis spends a lot of her time at t...

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RT @TerriIrwin: Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate at our lemurs birthday party @AustraliaZoo!

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