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Have you met the wild wildlife of Australia Zoo?

Australia Zoo is world famous as the home of over 1200 amazing animals from the koalas, kangaroos, and crocodiles of Australia to the tigers of Asia and India, the giraffe, rhino and zebra of Africa and so many more. However, what many of our wonderful guests are surprised to learn during their v...

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Animal Facts - Fact 87 Boas and Pythons

When preying upon animals in burrows, there is often little space for the Woma Python to coil around its prey to constrict. In this situation, the Woma Python will utilize its muscular body by pressing its prey up against the burrow wall in order to overpower and suffocate it.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Cherry the Koala Joey

Age: 10 months Sex: Weight: 1.8kg Found: Cherry was found alone, hanging on the screen door of a town house in Kippa-Ring, Moreton Bay, a heavily built up suburban area. Transported to:...

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Ladies WW Koala Pink T-Shirt

This light weight 100% cotton T-Shirt has a picture of two koalas hugging with the words, 'I will always have your back no matter how badly things may go' screen printed on the front.  The back features the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors logo.  Available in sizes XS - XXL. ...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Forrest the Giraffe

Forrest is a lucky boy as he is the token male in the giraffe herd of seven at Australia Zoo. He is the proud father of three beautiful girls, Skye, Lily and Tulip. These calves can be easily spotted on the savannah as th...

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