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Pinto the Koala’s Remarkable Rescue, Recovery and Release

As we approach another trauma season, where numbers in patients admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital continues to rise, the team is celebrating the release of a trauma season patient who has been in care since 2017.In September last year, Pinto the Koala was admitted t...

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Animal Facts - Fact 201 Binturong

Binturongs have a prehensile tail which is used to hang on to branches like a monkey.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Roxanne the Powerful Owl

Age: Subadult Sex: Unknown Weight: 1.2kgs Found: Roxanne was found on the ground in Caloundra, Queensland, unable to fly. Transported to: A kind stranger called the Australia Zoo Rescue U...

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Red Panda AZ Foot

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Kaitlyn the Sumatran Tiger

Kaitlyn and her sister Maneki came to Australia Zoo from a park in Indonesia. They are extremely valuable genetically to the Sumatran Tiger captive breeding program so we are very privileged to have them here.  Kaitlyn is now even more special to us since she became the first tiger t...

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Stand up tall for conservation this World Giraffe Day. Visit the link below to meet one of our gorgeous gentle gian…

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