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Three cheers for Hunter and Clarence’s third year!

Australia Zoo's famous twin brothers, Hunter and Clarence have celebrated their third birthday! For their special day, Hunter and Clarence enjoyed ice cream cakes and balloons, along with every cat's favourite toy; empty boxes that were wrapped especially for their birthday. Though they'r...

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Animal Facts - Fact 194 Rhinoceros

For a Southern White Rhino, the wallow in the landscape is just as important as the food, water and shelter. The mud is used as sun screen, to keep the biting insects off and a beauty aid to remove dead skin.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Pidgeot the Sooty Owl

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 640gms Found: Poor Pidgeot was found on the ground after he was hit by a car in Beerwah, Queensland. Transported to: Pidgeot was transported to the Australia Zoo W...

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The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 8 - Crocodile Coast

Crocodile Coast Steve, Terri and Bindi continue their adventure along the West Australian coast in search of crocodiles and sharks. Steve experiences nerve racking one-on-one encounters with numerous large wild crocodiles, and dives with sea snakes and hand feeds hundreds...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Pip the Binturong

Pip is a very relaxed, easygoing and confident binturong, who takes all aspects of life in her stride! It doesn't seem like anything will ever faze this girl. That said, she is also one of the more notoriously lazy critters around, always looking for an excuse to sleep in, often trying to convinc...

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Ready, set, JUMP! The team are using Steve Irwin's capture and study technique with Big Dunc on the #CrocTrip2016!

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