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Australia Zoo and Greyhound team up to boost Sunshine Coast tourism!


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Animal Facts - Fact 63 Boas and Pythons

Green Pythons will often eat their prey while still hanging upside down from their tails

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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The Paddling Team of Whistling Ducklings

Age: Juvenile Sex: Unknown Weight: 18gms Found: All alone without their parents on a property in Beerwah, QLD. It was not known how they came to be separated. Transported to: The Australia...

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Tiger Eco Smart Bag

This Tiger Eco Smart Bag is made from 100% Recycled Material and features a photograph of one of Australia Zoo beautiful Bengal Tigers. On the back it highlights an inspiring quote from Steve....... "My job, my mission, the...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Igloo the Aldabran Tortoise

Igloo can be identified by his large, round shell (thus giving him his name), but this is not the only way to identify him; his personality and the way he decides to do something make him the odd one out of the three Aldabran boys. When Igloo wants a drink, he does not just lap at the water; he c...

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RT Adopt JT: @TerriIrwin: Meet our beautiful baby koala, JT. He's named after Justin Timberlake!

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Join us at Bindi's Island at Australia Zoo where you can escape to a tropical paradise, home to giant Aldabran Tortoises, Boa Constrictors and colourful Macaws! Check out the cheeky Ring-Tailed Lemurs from Bindi's awesome three-storey treehouse, and be amazed by our Alligator Snapping Turtle!

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