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Irwins, buried treasure, and the Easter Binturong at Australia Zoo these holidays!

Well you’ve heard of the Easter Bunny, and likely the Easter Bilby, but have you heard of the Easter Binturong? Also known as a “bearcat”, the binturong is a beautiful animal native to South-East Asia. With his long white whiskers, ability to disguise himself into the rocks, and his cheeky...

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Animal Facts - Fact 63 Boas and Pythons

Juvenile Green Pythons are bright yellow or brick red until approximately 12 months, when they begin to turn the spectacular emerald green of the adults.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Rachael the Red-Necked Wallaby Joey

Age: Juvenile Sex: Weight: 350gms Found: On a road in Morayfield, QLD. Rachael was orphaned after mum was killed by a car. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. ...

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Wildlife Warrior Jibbitz

Jibbitz are an accessory to go in the holes of your Crocs Shoes. Our Wildlife Warrior one is great to brighten up your shoes. Approx 1.5cm wide....

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Rosie the Asian Small-clawed Otter

Rosie is the newest addition to the Australia Zoo otter family, arriving in late 2010. Although she was the newcomer, she has so much personality that she quickly became the leader of the group, and now leads Maria through the daily routine! She is very distinct in app...

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