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World Environment Day…celebrated daily at Australia Zoo!

Friday 5 June marks the United Nations World Environment Day, a day dedicated to encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. This year World Environment Day (WED) embraces the theme of "Consume with Care" - and Australia Zoo couldn't agree more! Each day at Australia Z...

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Animal Facts - Fact 50 Venomous Snakes

The sensitive forked tongue of the Black Tiger Snake helps it to detect which underground burrows contain a food source.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Robin the Southern Boobook

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 260gms Found: On the ground, beside a road in Bongaree, QLD. It was suspected that she may have been hit by a car. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospi...

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Australia Zoo Paperweight

Glass dome paperweight featuring one Australia Zoo's gorgeous Rhinos. Approx 8cm diameter & 3cm high. Perfect gift for home or office....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Laura the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Laura is an absolute character, and easily one of the funniest animals in the Zoo! Though she is the oldest of our Southern Hairy-nosed wombats, she definitely gets into the most youthful mischief and shows no sign of settling down any time soon. Whether sheís bouncing like some sort of fu...

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