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Meet Lucy, the adorable koala joey!

At only 9 months old Lucy is no bigger than the size of a water bottle. Found sitting all by herself on a suburban driveway in the middle of the day, Lucy’s mum was nowhere in sight leaving her to fend for herself. With the sun pelting down, Lucy was ...

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Animal Facts - Fact 106 Lizards

The male Rhinoceros Iguana will use elaborate head movements as a means of intimidating predators and warning other males to stay out of their territory. They also use similar head movements to attract females.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Lucy the Koala Joey

Age: 8 months Sex: Weight: 890gms Found: Lucy was found all alone on a suburban driveway in Burpengary, Queensland. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit rushed Lucy to the Austra...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Sheeba the Cheetah

Sheeba was born at Monarto Zoo in South Australia and arrived at Australia Zoo when she was three months old. Sheeba is a beautiful cheetah, both in looks and personality. She has dark eyes, a thick coat, and unbroken tear marks. She absolutely loves her food! She will try to eat absolute...

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