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Australia Zoo’s wombat joey joy!

We're over the moon to announce the arrival of one of Australia's cutest native marsupials, a wombat! A healthy baby girl was born on New Year's Day and has been growing steadily in her mum Poa's pouch before finally emerging recently for her first look at the world. At just over 9 month...

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Animal Facts - Fact 32 Boas and Pythons

You can have your photo taken with a Burmese Python at one of our special photo sessions held throughout the day!

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Lokie the Black Flying Fox Pup

Age: 1 hour old Sex: Weight: 88gms Found: Lokie's mother Connie, was found on the ground with a suspected spinal injury after she flew into a window in Coomera, Queensland. Transported to:...

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures #11 - A Giant Rescue

Book #11 in Bindi's Wildlife Adventure Series Bindi and her family are in Cambodia working with an elephant conservation group. They're helping to find non-violent ways for local villagers to deter elephants from destroying their crops. Bindi notices a Cambodian teenager who is more interested in...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Rosie the Asian Small-clawed Otter

Rosie was born on 10/02/2003 and arrived at Australia Zoo in late 2010. She currently lives with one male ...

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