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The Bachelor runner-up, Lisa Hyde is Australia Zoo’s “love coach” this Valentine’s Day


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Animal Facts - Fact 46 Venomous Snakes

The Fierce Snake often survives in a 'feast or famine' environment. Rain brings lots of grasses, which equals lots of rats, which equals fat snakes. Seasonal drought means snakes may go with little to eat for months at a time.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Neil the Dollarbird

Age: Juvenile Sex: Unknown Weight: 125gms Found: On the road after being hit by a car in Woodford, QLD. Its protective mum could still be seen nearby. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wi...

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My Dad - Bindi & The Jungle Girls African Dance Party

A track from Bindi's African Dance Party, performed at Australia Zoo during the school holidays in September/October 2012. File is available in MP3 format, approximately 1.5MB in size. Once purchased the file will be made available for download for one hour (a link will be emailed...

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Hunter the Sumatran Tiger

Though Hunter was the first born, he was a little slower at starting than his brother, Clarence. Once he was born he not only took several drawn out seconds to take his first breath, but he also took his time finding his first drink of milk from his mother. Once he found it though, he certainly m...

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Looking forward to a wonderful Australia Day!

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