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Peta the koala begins physiotherapy!

At just one and a half years old, Peta the koala was brought to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for specialist treatment when she sustained multiple fractures, including her leg, pelvis, radius and ulna after being hit by a car and...

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Animal Facts - Fact 200 Giraffe

Despite their height, giraffes have only seven vertebrae in their neck, the same as humans, mice and most other mammals. However, the vertebrae in a giraffe’s neck are far more elongated.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Green Lantern the Shining Bronze Cuckoo

Age: Sub Adult Sex: Weight: 24gms Found: On the ground after being attacked by a larger bird in Mountain Creek, Queensland. Transported to: To Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by a kind ...

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Dressed Baby Koala

Cute as a button baby Koala.  At 18cm tall he stands proud in his khaki outfit with the Australia Zoo logo on his back. For ages three and up....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Rosie the Asian Small-clawed Otter

Rosie arrived at Australia Zoo in late 2010. She resides with our two male otters but is very distinct in appearance, with her golden yellow whiskers making her a stand out next to the boys. While she enjoys the company of both brothers, she has a particular attachment to Kaos. The two of them ca...

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Cheeky Stan is eavesdropping and trying to get in on a girl’s gossip session on Bindi’s Island! Pic: 'belizsh' (IG)

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